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In 1997, after the new paperback edition and the wide diffusion of Il resto di niente (pocket edition by Avagliano and hard cover edition b y Rizzoli) there have been many critical writings about the novel. Mostly reviews and articles on literature reviews which often view the novel as a literary case. This makes it difficult to go beyond Il resto di niente , and therefore the whole narrative story of Striano is set apart, because it is not easy to analyze and verify what precedes or follows a literary case. Finally, with the publication of Giornale di adolescenza ( Adolescence journal ) in 2000 new perspectives have been opened up. The scholar Giulio Ferroni, pointing out the originality of this novel within the tradition of Bildungsroman , has focused on the effectiveness, the impassible linearity, which goes far beyond the usual myths and the symbolism of adolescence. Starting from these important remarks, new critical analysis of Striano's literary world are hopefully to be developed.

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