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In 1973 in the notes Cattiva coscienza. Falsi miti e romanzo su Napoli (Bad consciousness. False miths and novel about Naples ) , published after is death by Francesco D'Episcopo (Napoli, Oxiana, 1998), Striano developed and illustrated his esthetic vision using sociological patterns to analyze the novel as literary gender and his social function.
The following novel, I giochi degli eroi ( Eroes' games ) [Milano, Campironi, 1974] has a complex architecture and involves issues of power, politics, economy, culture. The project of a coup d'état in Italy is thus connected to the fighting of a little group of industrials against the monopoly of the big industry, the ambitious plans of the military forces, the mediating and mystifying role of the press…In the mirroring of the actions-reactions of the couples (Emanuele Sirri and Gemma; Enrico Sanges and Jacqueline; Ezio Santi and Giulia) involved in the golpe at different levels of the social hierarchy , Striano verifies different variants and options displaying the dynamics of the male-female relation.. An original and unique literary product in the landscape of the Italian narrative, characterized by a circular plot , based on the dominant ideological and political misunderstanding dominating the modern western world in the first half of the XX century confronted to the prophetic vision of a global economy which will strongly influence human thinking in the future age.
Later Striano will be facing other themes and experimenting new canons.
Using a long metaphor in the novel Il delizioso giardino ( The delicious garden ) [Napoli, Loffredo, 1975] Striano gives us a symbolist vision of Naples beyond all literary myths and the traditional image of the town. The metropolis described in Il Delizioso giardino is mysterious and decadent, and is pervaded by contrasting tensions and by underlying energy fluxes, a real place and a state of the mind, as well.
Indecenze di Sorcier ( Sorcier's Indecencies ) [Napoli, Loffredo, 1978], the ideal sequel of the above mentioned novel, is an authentic anti-novel written as the hyperbolic journey of a writer-wizard, laborious creator of illusions in a confused universe, ethical and indecent, miserable and grand. Before its publication the novel was finalist at the «Pannunzio» prize in 1977.
At the beginning of the Eighties Striano wrote the theatre pièce Quel Giuda nominato Trotskji (That Judas named Trotskji) (finalist at the «Vallecorsi-Pistoia» prize), still unpublished. Politics, ideology and the anthropological dynamics used to identify fathers and masters are analyzed through a series of questions which will be still at stake in the following novel Il resto di niente ( The remains of nothing ) concluded in 1982 but published for the first time in November 1986 (Napoli, Loffredo) . Enzo Striano died six months later, on June the 26 th , 1987 .

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